#include path

Mark Galassi rosalia@lanl.gov
Thu Mar 9 02:45:00 GMT 2000

    Aram> Hello, I just got and built GSL 0.5, and noticed that all
    Aram> the include files (which are put in $prefix/include/gsl) do
    Aram> not include the gsl/ prefix in their own #include
    Aram> statements. This makes one add -I$prefix/include/gsl in
    Aram> addition to the normal -I$prefix/include . Shouldn't it be
    Aram> different?  Or did I make a mistake somewhere?

    Thomas> I think to solve this you should use the 'gsl-config'
    Thomas> script.

The gsl-config script in the latest release was not yet ready, but if
you build out of anonymous CVS you will get one that works.

So if you are using anonymous CVS (or the next release) you can use
something like

gcc -c `gsl-config --cflags` file.c

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