vector, matrix copy

Brian Gough
Wed Mar 1 03:04:00 GMT 2000

Thomas Walter writes:
 > there was recently a name change from 'gsl_vector_copy' to
 > 'gsl_vector_cpy'.
 > I think this should be done for 'gsl_matrix_copy' too, or do I
 > missunderstand something.


 > What about adding something like
 >      if (dest == src)
 >        {
 >          /* Destination and source are the same, nothing to do */
 > 	 return GSL_SUCCESS;
 >        }
 > in the copy sources.  The advantage is one can write for example
 >    gsl_vector_cpy (w, v)
 > in algorithms which can be written to work in-place and it depends on
 > the calling function whether one gets the result in a new workspace or
 > overwrites the input.

The case dest == src is currently safe, so this would be an
optimization for that case. Sounds reasonable.

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