broken after libtoolswitch on

Brian Gough
Wed Feb 23 12:33:00 GMT 2000

Thanks for the explanation. I will take a look at the new libtool when
it comes out. 

Steve ROBBINS writes:
 > The difference came down to this: I was using libtool version 1.3.3, and
 > Dave was using a CVS snapshot of libtool.  I checked the latest "released" 
 > libtool version (1.3.4) but it is still broken.  So this fix in libtool is
 > fairly recent. 
 > Personally, I can't fathom a reason for installing *both* the individual
 > and conglomerate libraries.  Is it the library size?

I just wondered if there was an easy way to install both -- if so, it
would have been reasonable for to do that for a while before making
any switch.

Personally I am happy with a single libgsl.a and now that
they are working nicely with the current versions of automake/libtool.
That was what I planned to do originally but it was not possible with
earlier versions of those tools.

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