broken after libtoolswitch on

Brian Gough
Wed Feb 16 13:01:00 GMT 2000

Steve ROBBINS writes:
 > There are two things to note.  First, it _is_ possible to use
 > noinst_LTLIBRARIES.  I skimmed a couple of recent messages about this,
 > which seemed to imply there was some problem using noinst libraries. 
 > (Or was it that one *wants* all the sub-libraries installed alongside the
 > conglomerate?)  

We are using a scheme like this now -- as you say, the problem is that
the decision to make either sub-libraries or a conglomerate can't be
made by the user... the various's have to use either
pkglib_LTLIBRARIES or noinst_LTLIBRARIES at the automake stage so the
choice is not available to the end user.

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