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Gerard Jungman jungman@lanl.gov
Mon Jan 31 11:30:00 GMT 2000

This is for Brian's benefit mostly. I think he sent it to me
instead of the whole list.

G. Jungman

To : Gerard Jungman <jungman at lanl dot gov>
Subject : Re: Some extension of the histogram ruotines
>From : Simone Piccardi <piccardi at fi dot infn dot it>
Date : Mon, 31 Jan 2000 18:42:30 +0100
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sorry for the late, I had a bad cold last weekend, and I stay all time
in my bed.

You can find all the code in the attachement. The tar.gz contains all C
routines, an header file, a test program and a Makefile that I used to
build the test program (I added this last today).

I cannot test extensively everything, but what's called by the test
program seems to work (I have some concerns about the error handling
that I'm not sure that is done in the right way, and I'm pretty sure
that there are lot of bugs that I did'nt see) 

Simone Piccardi
Microsoft is NOT the answer. Microsoft is the Question.
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