Some extension of the histogram ruotines

Simone Piccardi
Thu Jan 27 10:51:00 GMT 2000


I don't know if this is the right place to post, I hope so. 
I'm working on the GSDV (Gnome Scientific Data Visualization Library)
project; currently it is at a very initial stage, but we are starting to
write some routines to produce GTK widgets for histogram plotting.

Mark Galassi pointed us to the GSL histogram routines: we find that they
are a good base; so we choose to use they for histogram creation and
handling, but we need some extension.

In particular we need routines to copy, add/subctract/multiply/divide
histogram, to get the maximum/minimum bin content (and its coordinates);
I already wrote some code to provide these extensions, based the
gsl_histogram_* routines and data structures, I think that instead of
keeping this code inside GSDV it would be nice to give it back to GSL,
let me know if this can be useful for you and how I could do so.

Simone Piccardi
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