TODO tidbits

Dave Morrison
Mon Jan 24 06:38:00 GMT 2000

Hi all,

I was perusing the gsl TODO list and came across a couple of things.  Is
the first item, "Make sure gsl_config.h is used consistently.", still
relevant?  There's a note in the ChangeLog that says gsl_config.h has
been removed in favor of using the config.h generated by autoconf. 
Nothing in the source refers to gsl_config.h.  Very consistently :-). 
Perhaps this item can be checked off?

I agree with the second item about having a way to check (or print) the
version number of the current gsl installation.  Any thoughts on how
folks would like to see this done?  In my own working copy of gsl I put
together something along the lines of what I've seen done in other
libraries (goose, gtk, ...) with `gsl_print_version()' and
`gsl_check_version(int major, int minor, int micro)'.  Not exactly
rocket science, but it works well enough.  The question I have is where
sould such routines reside?  Should there be a that
contains just these couple of routines?  

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