pkginclude and pkglib?

Gerard Jungman
Sat Jan 22 15:45:00 GMT 2000

Dave Morrison wrote:
> I'm not sure all that much is really gained by putting the gsl libraries
> in a special subdirectory, especially if we go back to having a single
> gsl library. 

The single library is really just a convenience feature. The
other libraries will always be available, and they have to
go somewhere. We like them where they are (I even have projects now
with autoconf tests that like to check in these places). And after all,
we are compulsive propellerheads; why else would we get
involved with sofware? Humor us.

> I can better appreciate the point about keeping the headers segregated,
> but in that case, it would be nice if gsl referred to its own headers
> using the `pkg' prefix
> #include "gsl/gsl_blas.h"

I agree with this and wanted to make this change myself at some
point, but never got a chance to discuss it with Brian. It's just
one of those things that we would want to do all at once so we
don't step on each others toes. Brian?

G. Jungman

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