No libgsl.a in version 0.5 under OSF1

Dave Morrison
Sat Jan 22 09:57:00 GMT 2000

Hi again,

OK, I've attached a gzipped diff made against the gsl CVS that puts
together a single  Apply the diff against a working copy of
gsl, create a top-level dummy.c file (this should go into CVS):

% cd gsl
% echo 'static const char *version = "gsl-0.5";' > dummy.c

and then build as usual.  Worked for me, and a little test program
linked against the resulting succeeded in doing some numerical
integration as expected.  Not exactly an exhaustive test, I realize.  I
added `static' to the declaration of a handful of routines that seem to
be used only internally (otherwise there are multiply defined external
symbols).  And I added a simple conditional to to choose
whether or gets pulled into the final

There are much better programmers out there than me, so it'd be nice to
get some feedback on this from a few extra pairs of eyes.  If there
aren't any serious problems with it, I'd love to see it applied to the

David Morrison  Brookhaven National Laboratory  phone: 631-344-5840
                Physics Department, Bldg 510 C    fax: 631-344-3253
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