No libgsl.a in version 0.5 under OSF1

Dave Morrison
Sat Jan 22 07:31:00 GMT 2000

Hi Mark,

OK, I'm game.  First, there are a few things that need a bit of
attention and advice - if you blindly follow my prescription for
assembling it'll fail, in part because of some multiply
defined symbols.  Here are the ones I see: 

`solve_tridiag' is defined in linalg/tridiag.c and

`brent_init' is defined in roots/brent.c and min/brent.c

`brent_iterate' is defined in roots/brent.c and min/brent.c

`newton_iterate' is defined in roots/newton.c and multiroots/newton.c

The functions defined in these different places are pretty darn near
identical ... but not quite.  Any idea how best to handle this?  Can one
or the other instance be defined as static and only used within its own

And it looks like we'd need to make a configure option to choose between
adding either the symbols in or those in to

Mark Galassi wrote:

> If someone wants to pass on a patch against CVS to make it work, that
> would be wonderful!


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