No libgsl.a in version 0.5 under OSF1

Dave Morrison
Fri Jan 21 12:22:00 GMT 2000

Hi Brian,

Wouldn't automake+libtool "convenience" libraries handle the
construction of a mondo libgsl.[a,so]?  Each of the GSL subpackages
would have a line in its that looks something like this (for


and then the top-most would assemble these:


libgsl_la_LIBADD = \
  blas/ \
  block/ \

and so on.  All the library plumbing, horrendous though it is, is then
handled by automake+libtool.


Brian Gough writes:

> We dropped the final libgsl.a stage in the current release. We weren't
> very happy with it, due to it being a horrendous shell-script hack --
> it had to be kept up to date (I always forgot to do that) and it
> wasn't clear to me whether it was compatible with libtool.
> We are looking for a good way to build a single .a file. Preferably
> one which works with libtool.  It would be nice if this case was
> handled by Automake.  Any ideas welcome. If not, we'll go back to the
> old method in the next release. In the meantime if you need the script
> it should be in CVS.

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