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Brian Gough
Sat Jan 15 09:17:00 GMT 2000

Juhana Sadeharju writes:
 > Quick question: can GSL find a sampled function f[100] with approximate
 > derivatives fd[100] (computed each time from f) which satisfy some
 > equation S(fd) == 0 with boundary conditions f[0] = 0 and -m < f[i] < m?

Currently, we do not have any constrained minimisation or solver
routines -- only unconstrained ones.

 > I think an educative documentation would be needed. A quick look at
 > your documentation revealed that there is a place for improvements.
 > A documentation which would serve people like me, who doesn't even
 > know what method to use and how, is a must.

At the moment we are only documenting the API and the algorithms, to
reduce the effort. We would plan to add more documentation later as
the library stabilises.

 > Ok, please let me know what you think about going systematically through
 > various library documentations, journal papers, books, and softwares.
 > It would be quite boring and systematic work to go through all this
 > but it would produce a list of all possible algorithms etc. and also
 > an extensive reference listing.

See "Numerical Computation", volumes 1 and 2, by C. Ueberhuber. I
think these books cover most of what you want.

best regards
Brian Gough

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