Generalized hypergeometric functions

Gerard Jungman
Mon Jan 10 12:17:00 GMT 2000

"Alexei V. Meremianin" wrote:
>  Hello,
>  There is a (large) program written in f77 which calculates generalized
>  hypergeometric functions. It would be very good to implement it in gsl.
> I do not know is that program in public domain.

Yes, I know about this. I did not implement any "extended precision"
methods because that would have opened the door to a host of nonsense.

One needs to understand how to do it in general and correctly.
Specifically, one needs to understand if GNU MP is good enough
(probably yes), and decide how it would be used.

I have no interest in this right now. I consider the special
functions library to be essentially frozen. Any further development
will be for the mythical GSL++, a C++ code base. I consider this
to be the correct environment for fiddling with things like
extended precision types as well, since we can use generic
programming to code algorithms which are (mostly) independent
of the underlying arithmetic types.

G. Jungman

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