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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
glibc 2.12 release.
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


Adi Roiban (1):
      Chuvash language locale for Russia.

Agron Selimaj (2):
      Fix Mr. Mrs. Ms. and Miss in sq_AL
      Albanian language locale for Macedonia

Alan Modra (1):
      fix powerpc macros in tls-macros.h

Andreas Krebbel (4):
      Add even more cfi to s390 asm files. Adjust the auxv if is directly invoked.
      /390: Add runtime check for the highgprs kernel feature.
      S/390: Disable two UTF conversion instructions

Andreas Schwab (25):
      Make name of libgcc_s library configurable
      Correct readahead syscall wrapper on powerpc32.
      Handle running out of buffer space with IPv6 mapping enabled.
      Use struct timespec for timestamps in struct stat also if __USE_XOPEN2K8.
      Fix infloop in __pthread_disable_asynccancel on x86_64
      Remove build related ignore patterns
      Ignore negative dynamic entry types.
      Use correct type when casting d_tag.
      Remove duplicate definitions of O_DSYNC and O_RSYNC for Linux/sparc.
      Fix ____longjmp_chk for s390/s390x.
      Fix error checking in iconv.
      Don't map U00DF to U1E9E in toupper table.
      Add new errlist compat entry for 2.12.
      Avoid PLT calls in utmp compat wrappers on Linux/s390
      Avoid PLT call to fegetenv on s390
      Revert to original version of setxid race fix
      Don't underestimate length of DST substitution
      Fix debug statements in resolver
      Fix typo in cuserid
      Fix spurious UNAVAIL status is getaddrinfo
      Fix fallocate error return on i386.
      Fix use of ucontext_t objects in tst-makecontext3
      Fix makecontext on s390/s390x
      Don't crash in trace mode when dependencies are missing
      Don't deadlock in __dl_iterate_phdr while (un)loading objects.

Aurelien Jarno (1):
      sparc64: Fix msgrcv()

Bruno Haible (3):
      Add more warnings to exec functions.
      BZ #11537: Hurd: Fix ttyname_r error return value.
      BZ #11538: Fix ttyname_r callers not to expect errno was set.

Caolan McNamara (1):
      Avoid memset warning in one case.

Carl Fredrik Hammar (3):
      Use ioctl_handler_t typedef in Hurd ioctl macros.
      Clean up Hurd TIOCSCTTY.
      Fix Hurd tiocsctty change.

Chris Demetriou (1):
      ocale-archive differs between 32 and 64 bit platforms

Daniel Jacobowitz (1):
      Shorten build commands

David S. Miller (15):
      Sparc STT_GNU_IFUNC support
      Fix PLT rewrite when prelinking fails on 32-bit sparc.
      sparc: Fix v9 memchr with long buffer lengths.
      sparc: Fix 32-bit makecontext arg passing.
      sparc: Reimplement 64-bit aligned copy routines and remove from memcpy files.
      sparc: Pull bcopy/memmove out of memcpy.S implementations.
      sparc: Add multiarch support for memset/bzero/memcpy.
      sparc: Use ba,a,pt in PLTs and fix bugs in R_SPARC_JMP_IREL handling.
      (INSERT_WORDS64): Fix argument order.
      sparc64: Use dbl-64/wordsize-64 math lib code.
      sparc32: Remove unused code.
      sparc64: Fix handling of R_SPARC_TLS_LE_* relocations.
      sparc32: Fix non-v9 build failure in memcpy.
      sparc: Optimize strlen using techniques from powerpc implementation.
      Fix build of mmap64.

Dinakar Guniguntala (2):
      Update cfi offsets for pthread_cond_broadcast and signal fir x86.
      Add Requeue-PI support for x86 arch.

Emilio Pozuelo Monfort (1):
      Hurd: Fix file_name_lookup_at error case return value.

Eric Blake (3):
      Fix -W with optional parameters in getopt.
      getopt mistakenly allows '-;' as short option
      getopt mishandles optstring of "+:"

H.J. Lu (30):
      Properly handle STT_GNU_IFUNC symbols in do_sym.
      Use a simple loop on data shorter than software pipeline.
      Properly recover from shorter read.
      Define bit_XXX and index_XXX.
      Define bit_SSE2 and index_SSE2.
      Enable multiarch whenever possible.
      Optimize 32bit memset/memcpy with SSE2/SSSE3.
      Unroll the loop x86-64 SSE4.2 strlen.
      Support __memmove_ssse3_rep when SHARED isn't defined.
      memchr overshoots on ia64
      32bit memcmp/strcmp/strncmp optimized for SSSE3/SSS4.2
      Simplify x86 strcmp-sse4 unwind info.
      Fix unwind info in x86 memcmp-ssse3.
      Align x86 memcmp-sse4.S and fix unwind info.
      Fix issues in x86 memset-sse2.S/memset-sse2-rep.S
      Fix issues in x86 memcpy-ssse3.S
      Fix issues in x86 memcpy-ssse3-rep.S
      Fix unwind info in x86 strcmp-sse4.S
      Pass -mtune=i686 to assembler when compiling for i686
      Fix sysdeps/i386/i686/multiarch/memcmp-ssse3.S
      Test case for last x86 memcmp problem
      Don't define __strpbrk_sse42 in static library
      Fix non-add-on handling of libc-abis.
      x86-64 SSE4 optimized memcmp
      Optimie x86-64 SSE4 memcmp for unaligned data.
      Add x86-32 FMA support
      Fix bugs in x86-32 strcmp-sse4.S and strcmp-ssse3.S
      Missing CL.

Holger Hans Peter Freyther (1):
      Fix spelling in memusagestat.c

Jakub Jelinek (5):
      Fix preadv, pwritev and fallocate for	-D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64.
      Fix R_PPC64_{JMP_IREL,IRELATIVE} handling in dl-conflict.c.
      Fix sync_file_range on ppc/ppc64.
      Fix compile error with sys/wait.h.
      sysdeps/ieee754/ldbl-128/ fixes

Jim Meyering (3):
      manual: fix doubled-words and typos
      manual: adjust grammar
      manual: fix typo: s/are/is/

Joe Landers (1):
      _nl_load_locale() incorrectly handles mmap() failures

Jonathan Geisler (1):
      calls to cuserid() can result in buffer overruns and/or overflows

Joseph Myers (3):
      Fix PLT rewrite when prelinking fails on 64-bit sparc.
      elf/elf.h (ELFOSABI_ARM_AEABI): Define.
      Fix libc-abis handling for add-ons.

Kaz Kojima (1):
      Update sysdeps/sh/elf/initfini.c.

Luis Machado (5):
      power7-optimized classification functions
      Fix POWER7 Implies
      Cleanup old obsolete PPC_REL16 checks
      power7-optimized 64-bit and 32-bit memcpy
      Enable common version of pthread_cond_timedwait to use clock_gettime in VDSO

Maciej W. Rozycki (1):
      Additional setcontext(), etc. conformance tests.

Marcelo E. Magallon (1):
      Various changes to the es_CR locale.

Martin Schwidefsky (1):
      Implement handling of the needed S390 relocations.

Matt Fleming (1):
      elf/elf.h: Add SH specific ELF header flags.

Maxim Kuvyrkov (1):
      Add m68k TLS relocations

Michal Schmidt (1):
      Fix pthread_cond_*wait with requeue-PI on i386.

Mike Frsyinger (3):
      Add missing stdio.h include.
      Fix building on x86 with older kernel headers.
      Missing CL.

Mike Frysinger (1):
      Provide a __set_fpscr prototype.

Paolo Bonzini (1):
      Fix ranges with multibyte characters as endpoints.

Paul Eggert (8):
      regcomp.c: do not ignore memory allocation failure
      regexec.c: simplify re_search_2_stub
      regexec.c: avoid arithmetic overflow in buffer size calculation
      prune_impossible_nodes: Avoid overflow in computing re_malloc buffer size
      re_search_internal: Avoid overflow in computing re_malloc buffer size
      regexec.c: avoid overflow in computing sum of lengths
      regexec.c: avoid leaks on out-of-memory failure paths
      regexec.c: avoid overflow in realloc buffer length computation

Paul Pluzhnikov (2):
      Fix missing dependency of localedata tests on gconv-modules
      Propagate -fdebug-prefix-map from CFLAGS to ASFLAGS.

Petr Baudis (1):
      Fix assertion in palloc and pvalloc as well.

Philip Prindeville (1):
      Define IPTOS_CLASS_* macros according   to RFC 2474.

Philippe De Muyter (1):
      Fix spelling of (Newton-)Raphson

Pravin Satpute (4):
      Use common collation data in as_IN locale.
      Move Tamil collation data to common source file.
      Add kok_IN locale.
      Fix sorting of malayalam letter 'na'.

Priit Laes (1):
      Change first_weekday and first_workday in et_EE locale

Richard Guenther (1):
      Fix R_X86_64_PC32 overflow detection

Richard Henderson (4):
      Don't take the address of a void object.
      Finish locale_data -> __locale_data transition.
      Fix printf format warning for si_band.
      Mark _dl_random attribute_relro in the header file.

Roland McGrath (16):
      Use #include instead of duplication for i386 vs i686 dl-sysdep.h in NPTL.
      Use NT_GNU_HWCAP instead of literal 2.
      Add new ELF constant PN_XNUM.
      Define NT_X86_XSTATE constant for ELF core files.
      Merge commit 'origin/davem/sparc'
      elf.h: Add missing R_X86_64_*64 relocs.
      elf/rtld.c (dl_main) [HAVE_AUX_VECTOR]: Add a cast.
      Obey LD_HWCAP_MASK in lookups.
      Move unwind-resume code from NPTL to sysdeps/gnu.
      Fix libc-abis rules to be correct for add-on ports.
      Fix tst-chmod not to write into srcdir.
      Revert "Shorten build commands"
      Use a stamp file for libc-abis.h rule.
      tst-fmemopen: Do not write test file in $srcdir.
      Link as-needed against
      Link elf/noload test against -ldl.

Ryan S. Arnold (2):
      Pass $(sysdep-LDFLAGS) when using --print-file-name.
      Remove incorrect paring of /proc/stat etc.

Samuel Thibault (4):
      Hurd: Fix spurious mach_port_deallocate in getcwd.
      Hurd: Fix possibly uninitialized variable in _hurd_locked_install_cttyid.
      Define __rtld_lock_recursive_* for Hurd.
      Give Hurd weak aliases for getsysstats get_* functions.

Sergey Poznyakoff (1):
      Fix option aliasing in argp.

Thomas Schwinge (3):
      SH calling __gmon_start__ from pt-initfini.c.
      Fix s390 startup code in libpthread.
      Handle platforms without aux vector

Ulrich Drepper (223):
      Restore locking in free_check.
      Fix up whitespaces.
      Start 2.12 development.
      Fix F_SETOWN_EX and F_GETOWN_EX definitions.
      Add support for new Linux error ERFKILL.
      Add missing Linux MADV_* definitions.
      Fix _NC_LOCALE_NAME definition.
      Handle LC_GLOBAL_LOCALE in duplocale.
      Add missing test files.
      Whitespace fixes.
      Use cfi directives in x86 pthread_cond_{,timed}wait.
      Change misleading names of parameters of sync_file_range.
      Minial unwind section size reduction.
      Minimal unwind section size reduction.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Minor optimizations and cleanups of x86 cond_broadcast.
      Follow kernel F_OWNER_{GID -> PGRP} change.
      Avoid warnings in CPU_* macros when using const bitsets.
      Fix getwc* and putwc* on non-wide streams.
      Fix up <sys/timex.h> a bit more for recent API changes.
      Update ntp_gettime for Linux.
      Reinitialize _create_xid state after fork.
      Fix week information for nl_NL locale.
      Try harder to re-exec nscd in paranoia mode.
      Define week, first_weekday, and first_workday for en_DK locale.
      Define week, first_weekday, and first_workday for hsb_DE locale.
      Fix startup to security-relevant statically linked binaries.
      New NPTL POSIX semaphore test.
      Don't get tty group info multiple times in grantpt.
      Once again forgot to add new test file.
      Prevent unintended file desriptor leak in grantpt.
      Avoid local PLTs.
      Optimize grantpt.
      Fix comments in random_r.c.
      Avoid handling long-obsolete old BSD PTY handling in ptsname.
      Define SCHED_IDLE and SCHED_RESET_ON_FORK for Linux.
      Ignore *.rej and *.orig files in git operations.
      Add recvmmsg interface.
      Fix kernel version check in recent ptsname change.
      Fix a few error cases in *name4_r lookup handling.
      Redefine O_SYNC and O_DSYNC to match 2.6.33+ kernels.
      Invalid timeouts in i386 sem_timedwait.
      Fix whitespaces.
      More whitespace fixes.
      Avoid ELF lookup race.
      Update poll.h header for POSIX 2008.
      Small optimization of pthread_rwlock_init.
      Handle AT_FDCWD in futimens.
      Fix up ChangeLog.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Fix isomac test after recent header change.
      Remove tst-sigcontext test.
      Fix up ChangeLog.
      Fix typo in feature selection macro use.
      Add support for XPG7 testing.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Fix standalone stdio.h inclusion.
      Missing CLs.
      Cleanup strings.h.
      Fix glob.h for XPG7.
      Fix up sys/types.h for XPG7.
      Fix up sys/wait.h header for XPG7.
      FIx up signal.h for XPG7.
      Fix compile error.
      Fix double-inclusion problem of bits/stat.h.
      Fix up unistd.h for XPG7.
      Fix handling symbols removed in XPG7.
      Fix up unistd.h tests.
      Fix typo in wordexp.h tests.
      Fix up wchar.h for XPG7.
      Fix time.h POSIX test.
      Fix up tests of math.h and tgmath.h for XPG[67].
      Fix up termios.h for XPG7.
      Fix up sys/stat.h for XPG7.
      Fix up sys/select.h test for XPG7.
      Fix whitespace problems.
      Fix up sched.h for XPG7.
      Fix up pthread.h for XPG7.
      Internal namespace test improvements.
      Fix thinko in last patch.
      Fix up netdb.h for XPG7.
      Fix up grp.h for XPG7.
      More test suite fixes.
      Be a bit more relaxed about obsoleted mktemp symbol.
      Add nonnull attribute to unsetenv declaration.
      Prevent silent errors should x86-64 strncmp be needed outside libc.
      Declare getpagesize in _GNU_SOURCE mode again.
      Relax condition for resolver constant definition.
      Relax visibility of some more declaration.
      Fix malloc_info without prioor allocations.
      Actually define pthread_mutex_consistent.
      elax some conditions in stdlib.h.
      Relax onditions in strings.h.
      Relax conditions in unistd.h.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Actually define and export pthread_mutexattr_[sg]etrobust.
      Make unistd.h pre-c((-safe.
      Always use IPv4 sockets for IPv4 addresses.
      Update wording for gcc requirement.
      Fix _XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED handling.
      Fix a few more cases of ignored return values in regex.
      One forgotten checkin from regex changes.
      memcpy for ppc/cell.
      Fix whitespace issues.
      Remove unnecessary returns.
      regex: avoid internal re_realloc overflow
      Extend overflow detection in re_dfa_add_node.
      regex_internal.c: remove useless variable and the code to set it.
      regex_internal.c: don't assume WEOF fits in wchar_t
      Simplify test in re_string_skip_chars.
      Add BZ number.
      Avoid alloca in setenv for long strings.
      Fix whitespaces.
      Add missing bz number.
      Fix endless loop with invalid /etc/shells file.
      Update constants for current kernels.
      Whitespace and copyright year fixes.
      Fix whitespace issues.
      Fix i386 __mpn_lshift unwind info
      More compact unwind info.
      Undo unintended maloc change.
      Some updates to the README file
      Fix file descriotor leak in nftw with FTW_CHDIR
      Cleanup ChangeLog.
      Fix up new x86 string functions.
      Remove commented-out code.
      Fix and cleanup unwind info in x86 strcmp-ssse<F3>.
      Whitespace fix.
      Fix reporting of I/O errors in *dprintf functions.
      Fix comment.
      Fix typos I added in malloc.c
      We can use the 64-bit register versions of the double functions.
      Add BZ number.
      More in.h definitions from the Linux kernel.
      Define new x86-64 relocation symbols
      Fix setxid race with thread creation
      Handle ext4 and logfs in statvfs functions.
      Fix one left over from last change to statvfs.
      Fix a few more problem with the recent setxid changes.
      Fix whitespace issues.
      Implement handling of libc ABI in ELF header.
      Update copyright year.
      Missing files for libc ABI handling.
      Also update Linux-specific VALID_ELF_ABIVERSION definition.
      Extended ELF ABI version handling only for Linux.
      A few more archs have IFUNC support.
      Future safety in checking ELF header.
      Unify wint_t handling in wchar.h and wctype.h.
      Fix glob with empty pattern
      Add test for last glob bug.
      Allow variable shift values in mmap2.
      Fix Linux getlogin{_r,} implementation
      Add support for new clocks.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Remove unwanted malloc changes, again.
      Remove stale reference to website
      Don't abort immediately on successful lookup in getaddrinfo.
      Fix one case of last checkin.
      Shorted ChangeLog.
      Define miss_F_GETOWN_EX only if needed.
      Fix comments and indentation.
      Fix one more issue with the glob patch.
      Fix handling of __need_mbstate_t and __need_wint_t.
      Whitespace fixes.
      Optimize __getpagesize a bit.
      Fix typos from last patch.
      Define MSG_WAITFORONE.
      Fix set_max_fast in malloc.
      One more sanity check in free.
      Missing memory barrier in DES initialization.
      Document problem with NATs in getaddrinfo.
      Fix changes to interface list during getifaddrs calls.
      Add missing include.
      Handle unnecessary padding in getdents64.
      Fix concurrent handling of __cpu_features.
      Fix retrieving of kernel header version.
      Fix definition and testing of S_ISSOCK.
      Handle POSIX-compliant errno value of unlink in remove.
      Fix weekday definition for fr_BE locale.
      Add test case for last argp bug.
      Declare iruserok and iruserok_af.
      Fix printing error messages in getopt.
      Fix aux cache handling in ldconfig with chroot.
      Handle DNS timeouts in old-style lookkup code.
      Define thousands separator handling for numbers in pt_BR.
      Update dutch translation.
      Implement new mode for NIS passwd.adjunct.byname table.
      Add tests for recent getopt changes.
      Hook up sq_MK locale.
      kok_IN locale should have been support for some time.
      More NEWS for 2.12.
      Fix cproj implmentation.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Merge remote branch 'origin/roland/hwcap_mask'
      Fix whitespaces.
      Fix possibly uninitilized variable handling.
      Fix reading loginuid file in getlogin{,_r}.
      Change es_GT paper sizxe to letter.
      Print reload count in nscd statistics.
      Add BZ number.
      Build cv_RU locale.
      More news.  Add BZ info for current and previous releases.
      Whitespace issues.
      Fix typo in locale source file.
      Implement interfaces to set and get names of threads.
      Add BZ to an older patch.
      Fix typo in last commit.
      Fix crash on reloading of gai data in nscd.
      Update x86-64 cpu multiarch selection header.
      Remove unintended change.
      Whitespace fix.
      Update bg translation file.
      Update vi translation file.
      Fix handling if newline in addmntent.
      Code cleanup in __dl_iterate_phdr.
      Start of week is wrong for Switzerland.
      One more bug in ldconfig -r handling.
      Simplify OOM handling in ldconfig.
      Fix ldconfig to handle symlinks in chroot correctly.
      Prepare for release.

Yann Droneaud (1):
      Fix DEBUG statements in resolv/res_send.c


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