libc/localedata/locales cs_CZ da_DK de_DE fr_F ...
Sat Apr 25 04:44:00 GMT 2009

CVSROOT:	/cvs/glibc
Module name:	libc
Changes by:	2009-04-25 04:44:01

Modified files:
	localedata/locales: cs_CZ da_DK de_DE fr_FR fur_IT fy_DE ht_HT 
	                    hu_HU li_BE li_NL mk_MK nb_NO nds_DE nds_NL 
	                    nn_NO pl_PL sc_IT sk_SK uk_UA 

Log message:
	Change week[2] to 19971130, change first_weekday and first_workday to 2.


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