Index files are not used in the session where they were created

Dmitry Neverov
Wed Oct 25 15:59:51 GMT 2023

Please ignore my previous message regarding an empty
qf_require_partial_symbols(). I think I was wrong and now understand a
bit better where the difference in time comes from.

In my case lookup is slow for a symbol with name wxObjectDataPtr.

When index is not used, the
cooked_index_functions::expand_symtabs_matching() finds many entries
of the form 'wxObjectDataPtr<wxBitmapBundleImpl>'. Such entries don't have
a parent entry, and so they cannot be filtered out, and the
dw2_expand_symtabs_matching_one() is called.

Inside the expansion callback (lambda in objfile::lookup_symbol) the
block_find_symbol() is called which eventually calls
cp_fq_symbol_name_matches(). cp_fq_symbol_name_matches() takes
templates into account and decides that
wxObjectDataPtr<wxBitmapBundleImpl> doesn't actually match the wxObjectDataPtr,
and so no symbols from symtab match.

When index is used, the check for templates happens in
dw2_expand_symtabs_matching_symbol(). The name_matcher
(default_symbol_name_matcher) is called before deciding to expand the
symtab. So entries like 'wxObjectDataPtr<wxBitmapBundleImpl>' don't
cause expansion for lookup name wxObjectDataPtr.

I wonder if it is possible to check templates before symtab expansion in
the no-index case as well?

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