Sourceware Open Office, Friday October 13, 18:00 UTC

Mark Wielaard
Wed Oct 11 23:03:37 GMT 2023

Every second Friday of the month is the Sourceware Overseers Open
Office hour in #overseers on from 18:00 till 19:00
UTC. That is this Friday October 13th.

Please feel free to drop by with any Sourceware services and hosting
questions. Some specific topics we will likely discuss:

- Mailinglists

  Last month we changed the settings on various project patches
  mailinglists to avoid From rewriting. We also got various requests
  for special security and code of conduct lists. If your project
  needs an extra mailinglist, or you have questions about settings,
  admin or moderation, please reach out.

- Online mini BoFs

  One item that came up at Cauldron last month was about meeting more
  frequently in smaller (virtual) groups.

  Thanks to our fiscal sponsor, Software Freedom Conservancy, all
  Sourceware projects can use their Big Blue Button instance to
  organize online mini BoFs or for having periodic meetings for their

  For this meeting we will also have a BBB meeting room:

  Please participate to test it out. You can also create your own
  account at which we can then
  activate for you. Note: Anyone is able to join a meeting, accounts
  are only required to create new meetings.

- Integrate builder CI, Full and Try builds and patchwork PreCommit-CI runs CI, Full and Try builders for
  various projects, collects patches
  and can run Pre-Commit CI for various projects. It should be
  possible to combine the two so the buildbot CI, Full and Try
  builders can also be triggered by new patchwork patches and
  patchwork receives Checks from builder for completed builds with all
  test results going into the bunsen database.

Of course you are welcome to drop into the #overseers channel at any
time and we can also be reached through email and bugzilla:

If you aren't already and want to keep up to date on Sourceware
infrastructure services then please also subscribe to the overseers

We are also on the fediverse these days:

The Sourceware Project Leadership Committee also meets once a month to
discuss all community input. The committee will set priorities and
decide how to spend any funds, negotiate with hardware and service
partners, create budgets together with the Conservancy, or decides
when a new fundraising campaign is needed. Up till now we have been
able to add new services without needing to use any of the collected
funds. Our hardware partners have also been very generous with
providing extra servers when requested. The current committee includes
Frank Ch. Eigler, Christopher Faylor, Ian Kelling, Ian Lance Taylor,
Tom Tromey, Jon Turney, Mark J. Wielaard and Elena Zannoni.

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