Anyone interesting to submit a GCC devroom request proposal at FOSDEM? (was Re: After Cauldron - online mini BoFs and Fosdem)

Dodji Seketeli
Tue Oct 3 12:37:55 GMT 2023

Good day fine fellows!


Mark Wielaard <> a écrit:

> Also Dodji, Jose and Gwen (on CC) are trying to coordinate a Fosdem
> devroom for the various projects. Please contact them if you want to
> help out with that.

So, José, Guinevere and myself have requested a "Binary Tools" devroom
as well as a "Debugger and analysis tools" devroom for FOSDEM 2024.

We still need two volunteers to submit a proposal for a "GCC & runtime
libraries" devroom.  The deadline for the devroom requests is 16 October

It would really be nice to have a GCC presence there.



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