Any concrete plans after the GDB BoF?

Lancelot SIX
Tue Jan 31 10:00:10 GMT 2023

> b4 acts a little different from git-pw. It uses Message-IDs to fetch
> patches (and/or a whole thread as mbox). So it helps if your mta
> displays those prominently. If you use emacs you might be interested
> in piem:
> For gdb-patches you want to add the following to your .git/config:
> [b4]
>     midmask =
>     linkmask =
> There is a command line example in this presentation:
> The latest b4 can also interact with patchwork, but I haven't tried
> that out yet. The new settings are described at:

Thanks for the pointers!

I usually use mutt, so having the message id shown is quite easy (if it
can help someone, I have "unignore Message-Id:" in my muttrc file).

I'll play around with this, it might fit slightly better in my workflow
than git-pw.


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