CI scripts

Simon Marchi
Wed Jan 18 16:04:54 GMT 2023

> After updating the repo from your fork to upstream I do see loads of failures
> as well. Once fixed, it should get back to normal for me too.


Before that I had these failures:

FAIL: gdb.dap/basic-dap.exp: disassemble one instruction success
FAIL: gdb.dap/basic-dap.exp: instructions in disassemble output

They would be fixed by that series:

And often some gdb.threads/detach-step-over.exp internal errors.  Since
gdb.threads/detach-step-over.exp is a new-ish test, I'd like to avoid
marking it as "known fail", and actually fix the problem.  The goal is
for that list to shrink, not grow :).


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