setting up sim project web space

Joel Brobecker
Mon Jan 16 03:17:39 GMT 2023

> > We can do a quick announcement on gdb-patches@, to let people
> > know, but other than that, it's a pretty limited audience for
> > this repository. Perhaps it'll encourage people to participate
> > in improving it.
> on that note, what is the policy for merging changes ?  akin to other
> projects where there's maintainers & write-after-approval ?  i can
> write up a quick MAINTAINERS doc for the repo.

I don't think there is a process. For my changes, the vast majority
have been about the release, which are routine changes, so I've just
pushed them and that's it.

For changes that can affect the contents more, we go through
gdb-patches, or at the very least I let people know by sending
the patch to gdb-patches.

That's about it so far.


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