CI scripts

Simon Marchi
Thu Jan 12 13:55:14 GMT 2023

On 1/12/23 07:56, Jan Vrany via Gdb wrote:
> Hi Simon,
> about a month ago when you helped me with use-after-free fix
> you wrote:
>> I ran the patch through my CI job, looks good.
> I'm wondering whether the CI scripts for your job are available?
> I'd like to setup a similar job on my CI to avoid similar problems
> in future.
> I'm especially interested in "configure ..." and "make check ..." 
> commands.
> Thanks!
> Jan

Hi Jan,

Yes, it's on Jenkins, the job description (it uses Jenkins Job Builder)
is here:

The build script is runs is here (which is where the commands you are
intereted in are):

The job itself is hosted here:

It's hosted on my employer's infrastructure, hence why it's on the LTTng

It was green for a while (I filter out pre-existing known failures /
flaky tests in the testsuite, hoping to fix those little by little).  I
usually try to keep it that way by catching regressions early and
notifying people, but it got broken by various commits during the
holidays, so I have to play catch up now.


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