setting up sim project web space

Mark Wielaard
Tue Jan 10 20:18:06 GMT 2023

Hi Frank,

On Tue, Jan 10, 2023 at 01:27:35PM -0500, Frank Ch. Eigler via Gdb wrote:
> > - I currently have a cvsgit clone, which doesn't work well to keep
> >   it in sync with other people's changes, so it would be best if
> >   the htdocs CVS repo was converted to git first.
> > - Once it is in Git, I don't have a problem with Mike being given
> >   access to it;
> Can we have an official thumbs up from the gdb leadership to make this
> transition?  We should be able to do it fairly quickly, but it is a
> "flag day" sort of thing, requiring deprecation of the cvs copy.

Sorry, Joel an I took the conversion off-list. And I already did the

People in the gdb group can already push to it, but I haven't hooked
up the post-update to the actual htdocs dir.

It is a "flag day", but in practice only Joel (as gdbadmin) updates
the pages and only to update NEWS with new branches or releases.

(The onlinedocs are updates through a cronjob, but bypass the
repository and just add the docs directly in their respective
onlindocs dirs.)

So if Joel says to flip the switch we can. We just have to make sure
not to clash with the GDB 13 release.



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