GNU Tools Cauldron 2023

Richard Earnshaw (lists)
Mon Aug 7 15:43:43 GMT 2023

We have now finalized the ticket price for this year's Cauldron at £75.
Sarah is now contacting those who have already registered to arrange

If you have not yet registered then there is still time.  Registration
closes at 12 Noon BST (7am EDT) on Friday 1st September, and all tickets 
must be paid for by 6pm BST (1pm EDT) on Monday 4th September.  This is 
to allow time to finalize catering requirements before the event.

We have a full schedule for the event, so registration of talks is now
closed.  If you have not yet submitted a talk but wish to do so, please
do contact the organisers: we will fit you in if we can, but priority
will go to those who have already submitted something.


On 25/07/2023 18:20, Richard Earnshaw (lists) wrote:
> It is now just under 2 months until the GNU Tools Cauldron.
> Registration is still open, but we would really appreciate it if you
> could register as soon as possible so that we have a clear idea of the
> numbers.
> Richard.
> On 05/06/2023 14:59, Richard Earnshaw wrote:
>   > We are pleased to invite you all to the next GNU Tools Cauldron,
>   > taking place in Cambridge, UK, on September 22-24, 2023.
>   >
>   > As for the previous instances, we have setup a wiki page for
>   > details:
>   >
>   > 
> <>
>   >
>   > Like last year, we are having to charge for attendance.  We are still
>   > working out what we will need to charge, but it will be no more than
> £250.
>   >
>   > Attendance will remain free for community volunteers and others who do
>   > not have a commercial backer and we will be providing a small number of
>   > travel bursaries for students to attend.
>   >
>   > For all details of how to register, and how to submit a proposal for a
>   > track session, please see the wiki page.
>   >
>   > The Cauldron is organized by a group of volunteers. We are keen to add
>   > some more people so others can stand down. If you'd like to be part of
>   > that organizing committee, please email the same address.
>   >
>   > This announcement is being sent to the main mailing list of the
>   > following groups: GCC, GDB, binutils, CGEN, DejaGnu, newlib and glibc.
>   >
>   > Please feel free to share with other groups as appropriate.
>   >
>   > Richard (on behalf of the GNU Tools Cauldron organizing committee).

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