Syncing the toplevel with the GCC tree

Tom Tromey
Wed Aug 2 21:03:58 GMT 2023

>>>>> "Arsen" == Arsen Arsenović <> writes:

Arsen> Thanks for the tips.  I've gone ahead and cherry picked (by adding my
Arsen> gcc checkout as a remote in my binutils-gdb checkout and vice-versa)
Arsen> most diverging patches from each repo.

Arsen> This approach also retains authorship information (though, I will have
Arsen> to comb over the resulting commits to add context and adjust commit
Arsen> messages).

Arsen> A few manual interventions remain, and I've yet to synchronize the
Arsen> libtool forks and re-do testing.

Thank you for taking this on.


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