Any concrete plans after the GDB BoF?

John Baldwin
Fri Oct 28 16:51:45 GMT 2022

On 10/28/22 9:16 AM, Simon Marchi via Gdb wrote:
> On 2022-10-27 06 h 47, Luis Machado via Gdb wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Having suggested a few topics for the GDB BoF (I noticed they were discussed, to some extent), are there
>> any concrete plans from the GDB global maintainers (leadership? I don't know how to call it) to address
>> some of those concerns?
>> Simon was kind enough to cleanup the patchworks instance, though that is not yet fully integrated into
>> something we can easily use to do tests/CI. I see the number of unreviewed patches is growing again.
>> For example, it is not easy to pick a patch to review. You need to locate the entry in your inbox so you
>> can reply to it.
> I do not know of a way to trigger CI tests from Patchwork, that would
> perhaps be a question for Mark (added in CC).
> On a personal note, coming back from the Cauldron, I set myself a goal
> to do more reviews as part of my daily work.  I'm trying to do around 1
> hour a day of upstream reviews, and to choose what to review, I use
> patchwork, sorting patches by oldest date.  I check if the patch I'm
> looking at has already been reviewed, merged, or superseded by a new
> version, and if so I update its status.  Rinse and repeat until I find a
> patch that needs reviewing.  Otherwise, just looking at my inbox's
> gdb-patches folder with thousands of unread messages, I don't know what
> to start with.  Just by myself, I certainly won't get through the whole
> list of patches pending review, but I think it is a somewhat fair
> algorithm.  So in that regard, patchwork is useful for me.

Interesting.  Does the date factor in pings?  That is, if you ping a series
does it move earlier in the list or does it keep its original date?

Actually, I guess not all pings work.  I have a series I posted back on
July 7th and have pinged a few times since that doesn't show up in patchworks.
(And I only confirmed that by finding some other closed patch with my username
so I could do a query by username.)  Maybe because the pings were all replies
that had 'Re:' prefixes in the subject?  If we need to format pings in a
certain way, that would be good to know.  Alternatively, if old patch series
just need to be re-posted that would also be good to know.

The web UI for patchworks also seems a bit buggy.  Not sure who to provide
feedback to?  Trying to do a text search on a series name (e.g. putting a
keyword in the series name field) just ignores the text field and returns all
patches.  Also, if you click on a different field like Submitter and then try
to go to another page, it resets the sort order on the second page to sort by
Date.  If you then change the sorting key on the second page, it reverts back
to the first page with the new key.  I haven't tried manually constructing the
parameters in the URL to get to the second page with a new key.

John Baldwin

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