gmp's c++ interface / mpz_class

Joel Brobecker
Mon Oct 24 13:34:54 GMT 2022

> Pedro> In gdb/gmp-utils.h.  However, we need do to arithmetic on the type, and this wrapper
> Pedro> type doesn't implement operator+, operator-, etc, etc.  I guess we could add those,
> Pedro> as wrappers around mpz_add, etc.  Or use raw mpz_add, etc. directly.  However, I just found
> Pedro> out that GMP already has its own C++ interface:
> Pedro>
> Pedro> Before we explore this further, is there an already known reason we shouldn't be using
> Pedro> that interface?
> I feel sure Joel and I have talked about it, but I don't remember what
> reason there was any more.

Yes, we talked about it for sure, and decided against it, but I don't
remember the reasons, unfortunately :-(.

> The warning in the manual is a bit
> off-putting, though:
>        *Everything described in this chapter is to be considered preliminary
>     and might be subject to incompatible changes if some unforeseen
>     difficulty reveals itself.*

I do remember this comment played a part.


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