Toolchain Infrastructure project statement of support

Jeff Law
Sun Oct 23 17:01:34 GMT 2022

On 10/23/22 10:07, Siddhesh Poyarekar wrote:

>> If you're trying to suggest that overseers, contrary to our repeated
>> public statements, wish to block all migration, that is untrue and you
>> will need to retract this.
> Here's a more precise statement: Two of the overseers are leaders of 
> projects hosted on sourceware and three overseers (including those 
> two) have stated clearly on multiple occasions that transitioning to 
> LF IT is off the table, effectively announcing their decision on 
> behalf of projects they lead.  It is hence clear that the overseers 
> have effectively blocked full migration of sourceware to LF IT.

They can make those decisions for the projects they lead.  But making 
the decision or setting criteria for other projects is highly unreasonable.


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