The GNU Toolchain Infrastructure Project

Luis Machado
Mon Oct 17 12:16:05 GMT 2022

On 10/17/22 13:08, Siddhesh Poyarekar wrote:
> On 2022-10-17 07:48, Luis Machado via Binutils wrote:
>> On 9/29/22 11:02, Nick Clifton via Binutils wrote:
>>> Hi Everyone,
>>> On 9/27/22 21:08, Carlos O'Donell via Binutils wrote:
>>>> David Edelsohn and I are proud to announce and provide more detail about the
>>>> GNU Toolchain Infrastructure project.
>>> Just to be clear on my feelings, I believe that the position of the GNU Binutils
>>> project should be that we are happy to support the GTI initiative, but we will
>>> not be abandoning sourceware either.
>>> There will not doubt be some technical issues to work through - arranging to
>>> mirror the repositories for example - but I am sure that these can be resolved.
>>> Cheers
>>>    Nick
>> Binutils is tightly coupled to GDB though (or the other way around). I suppose both projects would
>> need to seek agreement on this, otherwise they'd have to be split at some point.
> I couldn't see any follow-up discussion on the gdb mailing list.  Have there been discussions elsewhere and is there a direction y'all have some consensus on?
> Sid

There have been none to my knowledge. And no consensus either.

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