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Alexandre Oliva
Wed Oct 12 10:55:30 GMT 2022

On Oct 11, 2022, David Edelsohn <> wrote:

> open and available for conversations to clarify misunderstandings

Not useful when potential objectors are kept in the dark about the whole

> and have not used private conversations as public debating points nor for
> divisive purposes

The public claims of broad support used to put pressure for objectors to
give in seem to fit this pattern you deny, if not so much in seeding the
divide created by the then-secret proposal, but in bridging it.

The very purpose of private conversations was claimed by proponents of
the conversation as something to the effect of avoiding objections.

As for purporting key decisions as if in the hands of an advisory
committee, while the final decisions would rest in the hands of another
body whose members would be effectively buying the projects on the

All of that, too, speaks for itself.

Anyway, this is all besides the point.  Whether or not there are
nefarious purposes behind it is besides the point.  The key point I
raise is that most people would support and accept something desirable
offered to them at no charge, but many might not upon finding that
there's a very steep price involved in the transaction.  There's no
evidence whatsoever that the costs have been conveyed along with the
dreams to the supposed supporters, so we'd better not take that alleged
support for granted.  The whole process was structured in a certain way,
explicitly for the purpose of sidelining objections.  That does not
inspire the very trust that would be required to agree to turn over
control over our infrastructure.

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