The GNU Toolchain Infrastructure Project

Frank Ch. Eigler
Tue Oct 11 18:12:24 GMT 2022

Hi -

> [...] Where was a statement from key members of the GNU Toolchain
> projects -- the people who actually use the services and
> infrastructure on a day to day basis for their participation in the
> GNU Toolchain projects -- asking for an alternative proposal? When
> were they allowed to participate in the preparation of the
> "Sourceware" proposal, supposedly for their benefit?  [...]

This echoes a question asked during the Cauldron session.  I believe
it was during the second half, whose Zoom recording is for some reason
still not published.  Could you ask Jeremy to fix that please?

Anyway, to try to recount what I said then: the SFC proposal is
independent of the various guest projects.  It does not pretend to
speak for any of them.  It does not impose any changes on them.  All
the guests are just as welcome to come, stay, and leave, as they have
always been.  For this reason, it was not necessary to draw a
stakeholder map and conduct years-long negotiations behind the scenes.
Everyone has been invited to advise, in public, since August 30.

- FChE

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