Proposal: Add review tags to patch review workflow.

Luis Machado
Mon Oct 10 09:39:17 GMT 2022

Hi Simon,

On 10/7/22 21:46, Simon Marchi via Gdb wrote:
> On 2022-10-07 03:49, Bruno Larsen via Gdb wrote:
>> It's been over a week since the last response of this proposal, and all responses have been positive. Does this mean the proposal is accepted? There aren't any guidelines about proposals in the wiki, so I'm a bit lost here.
> We don't really have a formal process for voting / adopting proposals
> like this.  Given there was no negative feedback at all (from what I
> remember), please go ahead and update the wiki.  I will try to remember
> to use the tags from now on.
> Simon

Bruno can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think what us contributors are looking for is some sort of message from global maintainers
stating this is acceptable and we should move forward. Even better if the global maintainers can discuss this between
themselves and provide feedback to the rest of the contributors.

Without any formal position, it is unclear whether one should proceed with some proposal/improvement or not.

Does that sound reasonable?

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