The GNU Toolchain Infrastructure Project

Alexandre Oliva
Thu Oct 6 21:42:21 GMT 2022

On Oct  4, 2022, "Frank Ch. Eigler via Libc-alpha" <> wrote:

> What aspects of the gnu toolchain are open to being funded via the
> LF/GTI proposal, -other than- the vast majority of the funds being
> redirected to its own managed services infrastructure?

Hear, hear,

I see a number of people, myself included, who are concerned that this
LF "offer" amounts to a power-grab, to use the "donations" as bait to
bring us into a trap in which our projects would be under control of a
body that has seats for sale, effectively "buying" the projects on the

One way to significantly alleviate these concerns would be to test
whether the funds can be spent on infrastructure that's not under their
control, i.e., whether it's an investment, or possibly a gift that would
enable us to expand our autonomy rather than curtail it.

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