The GNU Toolchain Infrastructure Project

Mark Wielaard
Tue Oct 4 19:05:27 GMT 2022

Hi Siddhesh,

On Tue, Oct 04, 2022 at 01:17:14PM -0400, Siddhesh Poyarekar wrote:
> On 2022-10-04 13:10, Christopher Faylor wrote:
> > On Tue, Oct 04, 2022 at 09:46:08AM -0400, Siddhesh Poyarekar wrote:
> > > I made and shared this copy to dispel any further false speculation of
> > > scope creep of the GTI proposal.
> > 
> > Who is doing the false speculation?  Do you have a mailing list link?
> > It would be interesting to know who's got it wrong.
> Mark asked upthread if content on is also going to be migrated over

I did indeed. Both the proposal and these minutes mention migrating
websites without mentioning any specifics. Knowing which websites are
meant and why they need migration is useful information.

The FSF tech team is helping us coordinating things on overseers to
help with release archives, mirroring, backups and sourceware
continuity. If this is about migrating websites currently on then talking to the FSF tech team does make sense. If it
isn't about that, then we will simply note that and move one.

We do take this proposal, and all other suggestions people make about
the sourceware infrastructure, seriously, but a lot of details of this
proposal are still unclear. We are trying to get as much details as
possible so we can see how this fits into the current sourceware
roadmap, get a better understanding of the budgetary needs, file
sourceware infrastructure bugs with those details. All to get a better
understanding what the real needs are and document the necessary steps



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