The GNU Toolchain Infrastructure Project

Frank Ch. Eigler
Tue Oct 4 14:41:14 GMT 2022

Hi -

> > > I don't see a risk to freedom.  The GNU toolchain is quite underfunded
> > > compared to llvm/clang and IMO it's a major risk to maintain status quo on
> > > that front.  The GTI opens new avenues for funding aspects of the GNU
> > > toolchain without affecting its core governance.
> > 
> > What aspects of the gnu toolchain are open to being funded via the
> > LF/GTI proposal, -other than- the vast majority of the funds being
> > redirected to its own managed services infrastructure?
> This current proposal is limited to infrastructure, which has ever-growing
> needs.

I'm afraid I don't understand then what the point of comparing to LLVM
with respect to competitiveness or freedom was.  AIUI, infrastructure
is an enabler, not really a competitive differentiator.

> Do you think the current proposal is not an upgrade to what we
> currently have?

I don't know.  I am not under the impression that infrastructure is
holding back development on any of these projects.  Further, I suspect
that if the communities were given a choice to direct the sponsors'
generous donations toward new development type work, they may well
prefer that.  Is that possibility on offer?

- FChE

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