Sourceware infrastructure presentation and community Q&A

Mark Wielaard
Tue Nov 15 21:47:08 GMT 2022

This Friday, 18 November, at 16:00 UTC (11:00am Eastern, 17:00 Central
European Time) the FSF will host a session on their BBB server about
the current sourceware infrastructure and future plans.

We like to discuss how to use the new infrastructure setup this last
year, builder, try/ci/full buildbots, bunsen testsuite analysis,
patchwork patch tracking, handling patches/email with public-inbox,
b4, the sourcehut mirror. And the future of Sourceware as a Software
Freedom Conservancy member project. (*)

This presentation is for everybody who likes to discuss (and wants to
help with) automating the infrastructure to make contributing to our
projects more fun and more productive.

(*) Similar to the BoF we intended to do at the Cauldron this year:

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