Refresh TUI source panel after "monitor reset"

Andrew Burgess
Fri Jun 24 14:05:17 GMT 2022

"R. Diez via Gdb" <> writes:

> Hi all:
> I have been using GDB with OpenOCD for quite a while in order to
> program and debug embedded software on an STM32 microcontroller.
> I have learnt that, after a "monitor reset halt" (which resets the
> CPU), GDB still keeps the cached values of the CPU registers, but you
> can workaround it with command "flushregs".
> There is one thing that is still bugging me though: in TUI mode, the
> source pane does not refresh until the current instruction is
> executed.
> Is there a way to refresh the source pane after "flushregs"? I tried
> "maint flush source-cache" and "refresh", but they did not help.

Completely untested, but I wonder if 'list *$pc' does what you want?


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