GDB on M1 mac?

Luis Machado
Wed Jun 22 08:57:20 GMT 2022


On 6/22/22 07:52, Gerd Möllmann via Gdb wrote:
> I tried bulding gdb 12.1 on macOS 12.4 with an Apple M1 chip, but it öooks like that target is not supported.
> Can I ask if there are plans to support that platform, or even work in progress that I could try out?  (I'd use it for debugging Emacs on macOS.)

Arm has macOS-hosted arm-none-eabi tools, but I don't think native aarch64 debugging on macOS is supported, as you said.

I can't speak for other contributors, but I don't know of any plan to support that OS/arch combination for GDB. We're open to
accepting patches though.

I think LLDB is the way to go on macOS.

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