[builder] gdb_check_step: remove gdb.gdb/selftest.exp

Mark Wielaard mark@klomp.org
Thu Jun 9 23:09:19 GMT 2022

Hi Luis,

On Thu, Jun 09, 2022 at 10:37:58AM +0100, Luis Machado wrote:
> > With the removal of the selftest.exp there are only two unittest.exp
> > tests (one for gdb and one for gdbserver). This does seem very
> > minimal. Could someone suggest stable, known good passing tests that
> > should be added because when they do start failing it really is a
> > regression that should be flagged?
> > 
> > Note that the intention is to also allow a trybot that runs the same
> > set of CI tests so it can be used as pre-commit check.
> [...] 
> I always use gdb.base/break.exp as a good smoke test. If that one fails, then things
> are really broken.
> I think gdb.base/break*.exp should make a good smoke test list. We just need to exclude
> gdb.base/break-interp.exp, which is problematic on some targets.

It never is just easy is it? :) You are right, I saw break-interp.exp
fail...  I tried to come up with a regexp but gave up given that it
has to go throug python first and then we don't know whether the
worker uses bash as /bin/sh so I just added them all (exclusing
break-interp.exp) as a list.

> If you also want to exercise gdbserver, then run with native-gdbserver and native-extended-gdbserver
> boards. For example:
> make check-gdb TESTS="gdb.base/break*.exp" RUNTESTFLAGS="--target_board=native-gdbserver" -j$(nproc).

OK, so I added two more steps, one with
RUNTESTFLAGS="--target_board=native-gdbserver" and one with

So now each CI run does make check-gdb three times.  Frank, you might
want to look at the bunsen upload code, I didn't know how to adapt it,
so it only records the logs of the first make check-gdb step.


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