Is corefile support for missing on Win32?

Simon Sobisch
Tue Jun 7 19:30:07 GMT 2022

Testing with MSYS2 generated mingw64 gcc 12.1 + gdb 12.1 resulted in 
"everything working" ...until I needed to create a core file.

(gdb) show arch
The target architecture is set to "auto" (currently "i386:x86-64").
(gdb) gcore test.core
warning: cannot close "test.core": invalid operation
Can't create a corefile

(with gnutarget auto, pei-x86-64 and pe-x86-64)

I see that the first error message comes from
   gdb/gdb_bfd.c (gdb_bfd_close_warning)
and the second from the default implementation
   gdb/exec.c (make_corefile_notes)

This issue seems to exists for longer as some SO question [1] asked 
about this over 5 years ago.

Further testing showed the same issue with same tools in MinGW x86 and 
with "good old MinGW" using GDB 7.6.1 / GCC 9.2.

Testing with cygwin-x64 (GDB 11.2) shows the same result.


* Is there something missing in the configuration / build to get it working?
* Should I file a bug on ?

Thanks to share some info,

Background: I want to move from an "unsafe signal handler" doing a 
text-dump of variables in GnuCOBOL to "create a coredump, let the user 
inspect this"; but if this doesn't work on Win32 I may need some 
different approach there.

I guess the system's minidump format cannot be processed with GDB, can it?

Do you see other options to do post-mortem debugging on Win32?



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