RISC-V: Public review for Non-ISA Specification: psABI

Kito Cheng kito.cheng@sifive.com
Thu Jul 14 16:13:27 GMT 2022

We are delighted to announce the start of the public review period for psABI.

The review period begins today, 2022/07/14, and ends on 2022/08/29 (inclusive).

This Non-ISA specification is described in the PDF available at:

which was generated from the source available in the following GitHub repo:

To respond to the public review, please either email comments to the
public isa-dev (isa-dev@groups.riscv.org) mailing list or add issues
and/or pull requests (PRs) to the GitHub repo
(https://github.com/riscv-non-isa/riscv-elf-psabi-doc). We welcome all
input and appreciate your time and effort in helping us by reviewing
the specification.

During the public review period, corrections, comments, and
suggestions, will be gathered for review by the psABI Task Group. Any
minor corrections and/or uncontroversial changes will be incorporated
into the specification. Any remaining issues or proposed changes will
be addressed in the public review summary report. If there are no
issues that require incompatible changes to the public review
specification, the psABI Task Group will recommend the updated
specifications be approved and ratified by the RISC-V Technical
Steering Committee and the RISC-V Board of Directors.

Thanks to all the contributors for all their hard work.

Kito Cheng

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