Re: 【question】steps to regenerate configure file

Simon Marchi
Sun Jul 10 19:47:30 GMT 2022

On 2022-07-08 06:38, 好 via Gdb wrote:
> Hi ,
> I want to modify some code of gdb, so I have to regenerate the configure file, but I didn't find the relevant documentation, I'm not sure which version of autogen to use? 
> This is a bit confusing for newbies like me.
> I am going to regenerate the configuration as follows:
> ```
> autogen Makefile.def
> autogen Makefile.tpl
> aclocal
> autoheader
> autoconf
> ./configure
> make
> ```
> When I type the command    ```autogen Makefile.def```      the following error will appear,     is my step wrong?

So, we're talking about top-level files here.  I just tried with:

  $ autogen --version
autogen (GNU AutoGen) 5.18.16


  $ autogen Makefile.def

re-generates exactly as the version checked in the repo.

If you need to modify the configure files in gdbsupport, gdbserver and
gdb, I suggest using autoreconf, that will call all the right tools.
However, you must use the right version (2.69, at the moment) and use
the upstream version of autoconf/automake, not those packaged in
distros.  Those often contain patches that modify the output, so you'll
get different results that don't match what is checked in the repo.

For example, in the gdb/ directory, I run:

  $ autoreconf -f


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