【question】steps to regenerate configure file

Fri Jul 8 10:38:03 GMT 2022

Hi ,

I want to modify some code of gdb, so I have to regenerate the configure file, but I didn't find the relevant documentation, I'm not sure which version of autogen to use? 
This is a bit confusing for newbies like me.
I am going to regenerate the configuration as follows:

autogen Makefile.def

autogen Makefile.tpl






When I type the command    ```autogen Makefile.def```      the following error will appear,     is my step wrong?

error message:
FSM Error:  in state 5 (have_name), event 3 (var_name) is invalid
invalid transition:  in Makefile.def on line 271
token in error:  var_name:  ''flags_to_pass = { flag= LDFLAGS_FOR_BUILD ; };
flags_to_pass = {''

[[...<error-text>]]  = { flag= LDFLAGS_FOR_BUILD ; };
flags_to_pass = {

Likely causes:  a mismatched quote, a value that needs quoting,
or a missing semi-colon

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