Is there any information about gpu debugging?

Simon Marchi
Wed Jul 6 00:03:44 GMT 2022

On 2022-07-04 21:06, 好 via Gdb wrote:
> Hi, Is this the channel for raising questions?

Hi, yes.

> I have been very interested in gdb recently. I want to develop a set
> of gdb that supports GPU debugging, but I don't know where to start.

What do you mean by "a set of gdb"?

> Do you have any good suggestions? What is the difference between AMD's
> ROCGDB and NVIDIA's cuda-gdb and GDB? Is there any information?

Cuda-gdb and ROCgdb are two separate forks of GDB, made to debug Cuda
and ROCm programs respectively.  They are not interchangeable, as they
are both designed to debug programs running on their respective
platforms.  They currently both reside outside of the upstream GDB tree.
I can't speak for Nvidia, but AMD intends on (and is actively working
on) contributing ROCgdb to upstream gdb.  So in some not too distant
future, it should be possible to debug ROCm programs with an upstream
GDB build.

I am not sure what kind of differences between the two you are after, so
feel free to ask further questions.


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