buildbot users try branch builders

Jan Beulich
Mon Jul 4 06:39:04 GMT 2022

On 22.06.2022 13:04, Andreas Schwab wrote:
> On Jun 22 2022, Mark Wielaard wrote:
>> Maybe the negative refspecs that Andreas mentioned would help here
>> because all user branches are under /ref/heads/users/ So maybe adding
>> fetch = ^refs/heads/users/* would do the trick? (untested)
> The user branches are under a different name space (refs/users).  Only
> refs/heads/devel is matched in addition to the release and master
> branches.

I don't speak enough git to be able to tell in how far it is related,
but looking at just the output of a pull done a minute ago I see that
it also fetched

   bf5ddcecc07c..f0a8e7c6fed0  users/ARM/morello-binutils-gdb-master -> origin/users/ARM/morello-binutils-gdb-master

Perhaps I misread your reply by interpreting it to mean Mark's
suggestion won't make a difference, and hence a negative fetch line
like suggested by is pointless to add (for being default behavior
anyway)? (I didn't add or alter any of the fetch lines yet, I'm
merely still in the process of figuring what exactly I need to
change such that it would have the intended effect of not fetching
anything that's under users/.)


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