Links to dead mailing list
Sat Dec 10 23:10:45 GMT 2022

Hi, I was searching for a discussion list for GNU gdb, and the first
match for the search was the page at [1].

Looking at the "gdb Archives" [2] linked to from that page implied
that the list had been dead since 2014.

However searching further found [3] which linked to [4], where I see
that there does still exist an active mailing list; and it appears
that a near-duplicate of [1] but with new information is at [5].

I believe it would be more useful if the page at [1] were removed,
updated or changed to redirect to [5]. Given that gdb is not mentioned
in [6], my guess is that removal would be the preferred choice.

I first sent this to the email address listed on the page,, but they advised me that:
  [T]he report needs to go to the gdb maintainers; we can't
  modify their pages or mailing lists
and suggested that I should send it to this address instead.

Hugo van der Sanden


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