Broken source view with Pygments and non-UTF-8 encoded source

Simon Sobisch
Thu Nov 25 19:28:18 GMT 2021

I _really_ like the Pygments option, but it sadly doesn't work when the 
source code as invalid UTF8 data in it.
As soon as this is the case "list" does not show a nice highlighted code 
any more but instead Python Exception is raised (UnicodeDecodeError) and 
then non-colored lines are shown.

This is especially bad when you "step" through the code because you get 
the python exception for every line.

I _think_ this is related to GDB not passing the source encoding it 
knows of (likely get from LANG) to Pygments.

More details about that:

Additional to the kind request of fixing that in GDB 11.x/12

Is there a way to disable the source highlighting for a single file or 
only globally?


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