How to get the full source location of a frame via python

Simon Sobisch
Wed Nov 3 20:35:05 GMT 2021

Am 03.11.2021 um 21:07 schrieb Jan Vrany:
> On Wed, 2021-11-03 at 17:31 +0100, Simon Sobisch via Gdb wrote:
>> [...]
>> Questions:
>> Is there a direct way to get the full source location for a frame?
> By glancing at the code, it seems to me that using
>    st.fullname() # instead of st.filename
> should return the path printed by `info source`. Both return
> fullname member from struct symtab* IIUC.
> Did you try `fullname()`?
> Jan

No, I overlooked this and feel a bit embarrassed as it is in the 
documentation. Works perfectly fine, both with old GDB 7.6+Python2.7 and 
  with current GDB + Python - thank you Jan!

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