How to get the full source location of a frame via python

Jan Vrany
Wed Nov 3 20:07:42 GMT 2021

On Wed, 2021-11-03 at 17:31 +0100, Simon Sobisch via Gdb wrote:
> With the Python API we can do nearly everything necessary related to 
> frames and
>         st = frame.find_sal().symtab
>         if st:
>                 filename = st.filename
> provides the filename as noted in the debug info.
> If we now need to get the full filename as used in GDB (with source
> path 
> and similar applied) the only version I've found so far involves GDB 
> text parsing:
>         # Get the full path for the source file
>         old_frame = gdb.selected_frame()
>         info_source = gdb.execute("info source", False, True)
>         pattern = re.compile(r"Located in (.*)\n")
>         match =, info_source)
>         if match:
>                 self.current_full_path =
>         else:
>                 self.current_full_path = filename_frame 
> Which seems not very robust as it parses text which may have a
> different 
> format in other GDB versions and likely a different text when
> localized; 
> additional it needs a regex which is not that fast.
> Questions:
> Is there a direct way to get the full source location for a frame?

By glancing at the code, it seems to me that using

  st.fullname() # instead of st.filename

should return the path printed by `info source`. Both return
fullname member from struct symtab* IIUC.

Did you try `fullname()`? 


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