gdb 11.1: struct inf lacks two members

Andrea Monaco
Tue Nov 2 23:11:37 GMT 2021


after a successful configure, gdb 11.1 fails to make in my GNU/Hurd
system with the following errors:

  CXX    gnu-nat.o
gnu-nat.c: In member function 'virtual void gnu_nat_target::create_inferior(const char*, const string&, char**, int)':
gnu-nat.c:2117:13: error: 'struct inf' has no member named 'target_is_pushed'
 2117 |   if (!inf->target_is_pushed (this))
      |             ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
gnu-nat.c:2118:10: error: 'struct inf' has no member named 'push_target'
 2118 |     inf->push_target (this);
      |          ^~~~~~~~~~~

and some others follow.  I found out that struct inf (from gnu-nat.c) is
only defined in the GNU/Hurd target, but it lacks the target_is_pushed
and push_target members which are part of class inferior (from
inferior.h).  Is this a syntax error?

Let me know,

Andrea Monaco

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